The H2O Group is a collection of companies whose common thread is the element H2O or water.

H2O House

H2O House is a full-service co-working space, located on the top floor of H2O Group headquarters in Burcht. The co-working is only a 2 minute drive from exit Kruibeke of the E17 highway Ghent-Antwerp. In addition to our co-working spaces, we also offer meeting rooms.

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Bremcon is a specialized soil remediation and soil recycling company, that also focuses on some important aspects of integrated water management. The company has its own soil recycling center and a temporary storage place in Burcht, right next to the H2O headquarters. Years of experience and specializations within different domains have made Bremcon the one-stop shop it is today.

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Sterhoek is your reliable partner for the storage of polluted soil fractions and dredged material. The site - the mined part of the Argex clay quarry - has a total capacity of 10 million cubic meters and has many important advantages, of which its unique location near the E17 and the Scheldt is just one. Within Sterhoek, we strive to offer our customers a complete logistic solution.

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